Sunday, March 28, 2010

Does your dog give call outs?

When a radio personality mentions a person's name on the air, it's called a call out. When we're listening to WJJQ from Tomahawk, from streaming audio or when we're on vacation, Mark Everett on weekday mornings gives call outs to announce people's birthdays or special occasions when relatives or friends call in and ask him to do so.

Then there's a street musician on the bridge over the Chicago River right near the commuter station who gives call outs. As he plays the drums and sings, he'll see someone who looks like a basketball player or some other celebrity, and he'll say the name of the celebrity.

I bet you didn't know Rascal also gives call outs. They aren't very loud, but they're there. Before I caught on, I wondered why she whined or whimpered sometimes as she walked down the street. I thought maybe she'd stepped on something or hurt herself in some way. Then I figured it out. She only does this in front of houses where people she loves live, like in front of my brother's house, where also my nephew visits, or the neighbor who likes to pet her that lives down the block from us.

I never had a dog that did this before. What about you? Do you have a dog that gives call outs?

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